Hello Dialoguers!

Posted in General on December 23rd, 2009 by Steph

This is a weblog for past and current participants and any interested contributors to the interdisciplinary, international conference Dialogue Under Occupation.

DUO’s new permanent website, hosted by DUO founder Dr Lawrence Berlin of Northeastern Illinois University, can be located at www.dialogueunderoccupation.org.  The fourth conference will be hosted this June by the Peacebuilding & Development Institute at American University in Washington, DC, USA (see  the Call For Papers, due 1 February 2010).

Coming soon: a newsletter co-edited by Razvan Sibii and Anna Rita Napoleone. Sibii presented “The Romanian Carnival: A Discourse of Resistance without the Evil Other” at the second DUO conference in East Jerusalem, and co-presented with Napoleone on “Dialogue about Occupation: an ideological analysis of DUO II discourse” at the third DUO conference in Bogota.

Steph Kent (who is moderating this blog) presented “Decentering Conflictual Discourse” on behalf of  a team including Ehya Amalsaleh, Jussi Lassila, and Karin Hansson at the first DUO conference in Chicago, and “Engaging Dialogue Under Occupation: Transforming Discourse into Dialogue” at the second DUO conference in East Jerusalem. She participated in the design of the presentation by Sibii & Napoleone at DUO3 in Bogota.

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