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This is the inaugural issue of the DUO Newsletter. The conference has been growing exponentially with each new reincarnation, and it was only fitting that the many academics, students and activists associated with it acquire an avenue to keep the dialogue going. This newsletter is an attempt to maintain the lines of communication open between past and future DUO participants, in the hope that the connections forged on the ground, during conference presentations and coffee breaks, can continue on the web and elsewhere.

The newsletter coordinators are past conference participants who have taken a strong linking to DUO due to its demonstrated ability to not only “talk the talk” of “dialogue under occupation,” but also to “walk the walk” by bringing a variety of people together in actual zones of occupation (whether we’re talking about direct physical occupation or occupation by proxy). The last two DUO conferences, held in Abu Dis, East Jerusalem and Bogotá, Colombia, proved the organizers’ commitment to break with the tradition of ethnocentric, navel-gazing, Marriott-hosted conferences that many of us are so familiar with. The fascinating presentations and countless conversations that DUO has repeatedly featured clearly required an online forum where they could be pondered further, elaborated on, challenged and otherwise engaged. Together with an upcoming DUO blog, this newsletter strives to be that kind of a forum.

Each issue will carry a handful of texts written by, or in collaboration with, past and future DUO participants. Some articles will consist of updates about the professional activities of DUO members, while others will deal with issues deemed by the authors to be relevant to DUO’s mission statement. Anyone with an interest in the work carried out by DUO is welcome to contribute a story or an idea. It is our hope that the continued dialogue – in this venue and others – will contribute to the creation of a genuine “DUO community” whose future initiatives we can now only guess at with great anticipation.

Welcome, once again, to DUO. We would love to see you at DUO IV, to be held in Washington D.C. between June 1 – 4, 2010.

Razvan Sibii

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